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Broad Bay Church Hosts Concert to Benefit New Hope for Women

Broad Bay Church hosts their annual concert to benefit New Hope for Women. This year's concert is performed by the Ale House String Band on October 26, 2018 at 7pm.

According to their website, The Ale House String Band (AHSB) was originally formed as a pick-up group in 2009 at The Narrows Tavern in Waldoboro, ME. They codified their style, "chamber folk," while playing traditional tunes and covers of popular folk music. Their style is unique, melding the theory and techniques of classical music with Traditional Folk styles. Oren is a classically trained vocalist, Brian is a wandering soul who picked up music along the way, and April has a Masters degree in Music Performance.

In addition to the concert, the Empty Place At The Table will be featured. The memorial consists of a dining table surrounded by empty chairs and one empty highchair – physical reminders of the empty place the victims have left behind. Additionally, each empty chair is accompanied by a place setting with personal items donated by the families of the murdered victims. The items either belonged to the victims themselves, or were selected to reflect and celebrate their individual personalities, passions, and dreams.

The Empty Place At The Table memorial is intended to showcase that people who have been murdered in a domestic violence homicide are not just numbers to be tallied at the end of the year, but rather they were living and breathing human beings – parents, children, neighbors, friends, and valued members of our community – whose forced absence has left us with a deep and profound empty place at the table and in our hearts.

We hope to see you there!

Broad Bay Church

941 Main Street, Waldoboro, ME 04572

Ale House String Band website is: