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Career Opportunities

New Hope for Women is an equal opportunity employer.

Executive Director



REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

SUPERVISES: Development Directors, Advocacy Director, Outreach Director, Administrative Coordinator and Legal Services Director

This is a regular full-time position.


The Executive Director is responsible for the overall well-being of New Hope for Women, including though not limited to fiscal and grant administration, fund development and grant writing, program development and evaluation, marketing, public relations, community outreach, and staff supervision and evaluation.


  • Demonstrated experience in non-profit administration
  • Demonstrated experience in fiscal administration, supervision or staff management, program development and evaluation, fundraising, and grant writing
  • Effective communication skills, including oral and written
  • Experience in networking, recruiting, and maintaining good relationships with community members and organizations
  • Experience with boards of directors, organizational staff, as well as board and staff committees
  • Experience working with diverse stakeholders and individuals
  • Computer literacy
  • The ability to assume and delegate responsibility, as well as the characteristics of initiative, sound judgment, empathy, respect, assertiveness, creativity, and dependability
  • Knowledge of the impact of domestic and dating violence on women, children, and men, as well as current issues in the field, is helpful


The Executive Director is responsible for:

Fiscal and Grant Administration

  1. Preparing the annual budget of the organization, including identifying funding needs and resources. Monitoring income and expenses to budget, and providing monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors.
  2. Negotiating contracts with funding sources, and submitting all required reports as requested. Contracting sources may be governmental (federal, state, or local), other non-profits or private foundations and individuals.
  3. Instituting appropriate fiscal management including maintenance of record keeping and reporting procedures as requested by the Board of Directors, mandated by law, and/or stipulated by contracts.
  4. Integrating long-and-short-term financial objectives into the agency's strategic plan.
  5. Approving expenditures and signing checks.
  6. Ensuring that regulatory compliance is met including: providing for the filing of the agency's federal IRS information report (990), the agency's annual audit, and providing this information to the board and any other required funding sources.

Fund Development and Grant Writing

  1. Developing a plan for the annual acquisition of funds.
  2. In conjunction with the Development Department, creating a strategic fundraising plan, including identifying and developing grant sources. Engaging the Board of Directors and Development Department on strategies for securing funding. Overseeing and supporting those strategies. Ensuring that the Board of Directors is aware of the implementation.
  3. Building fiscal support for the agency by educating the community, including individuals, businesses, foundations, and corporations.

Program Development and Evaluation

  1. Developing and implementing a Strategic Plan for the agency in conjunction with NHFW staff, volunteers, community members, and the Board of Directors.
  2. Providing the Board of Directors with an annual report about the status of the Strategic Plan implementation, including an evaluation of what has been accomplished and what remains to be implemented. Revising the Plan accordingly.
  3. Developing agency work plans in conjunction with appropriate agency teams. Overseeing their implementation and annual evaluation. When possible, including stakeholders in the evaluation process.
  4. Documenting and reviewing program performance using Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence standards, agency program standards, best practices, and mandates from funding sources. Providing a yearly report to the Board of Directors.
  5. Planning, implementing, and evaluating new programs as needed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Marketing, Public Relations, and Community Outreach

  1. Supporting the development of an integrated marketing plan to assure agency visibility in the community.
  2. Serving as the agency's primary spokesperson.
  3. Collaborating with MCEVD and other local agencies to assure that agency materials are accessible to all community members irrespective of ability or identity. Assuring that materials are available that serve the diversity of clients served by the agency.
  4. Providing outreach to community organizations that increase knowledge of and support for the agency.
  5. Responding to news reports and legislation about issues affecting the agency's mission as appropriate.
  6. Developing and implementing an agency crisis management plan in conjunction with the management team and Board of Directors.
  7. Representing New Hope for Women at the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence and its internal committees, and to the state and national boards it supports, as needed.

Staff Supervision and Evaluation

  1. Providing for the recruitment, hiring, orientation, and training of new employees.
  2. Supervising staff following the agency's organizational chart.
  3. Providing for appropriate professional development and mentoring of staff.
  4. Providing clinical supervision for direct service staff.
  5. Assuring that staff meetings and management meetings are conducted.
  6. Keeping staff informed of local, state, and national issues affecting the agency's mission.
  7. Overseeing and assisting with annual reviews of all staff.
  8. Maintaining confidential personnel records.

Board of Directors

  1. Supporting the agency's mission and vision and complying with its policies.
  2. Serving as staff to the Board of Directors and its committees, including preparation for and notification of board meetings. Attending Board meetings. Designating staff liaisons to board committees as appropriate.
  3. Keeping the Board informed of agency activities and challenges.
  4. Formulating policy recommendations to the Board and its committees based on agency needs.
  5. Implementing and evaluating the agency's policies and procedures.
  6. Implementing Board-approved policies.
  7. Representing the agency on community boards at the Board's request.

To Apply

Submit cover letter and resume no later than November 9, 2018 to: with "Executive Director" in subject line.

Revised 10/18